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The word mit wif is anglo saxon and means with woman. It is the name for the woman who accompanies another woman on her journey through the long hours of labor and birth. The midwife is someone who respects the ability of women to give birth under their own steam, and homebirth has been the safest place for babies and mothers for centuries.

This is what we at 10 Moons Rising strive to achieve– being with woman. We offer many choice when it comes to pregnancy and labor. We offer a lot of educational resources as well as local community resources for your family. We endeavor to be with woman on all seasons of her life and to help her find those options she and her family want and need.

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SHE WHO BELIEVES IN HERSELF Trusting her instincts was the hardest thing she ever did. But she listened to the whisperings of her heart. She pushed forth with faith in her skills and faith in her knowledge that she could succeed and she DID!! In the end trusting her heart was the smartest thing she ever did





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